Bone Grafts Become A Candidate For Implants!
  • Create a strong foundation for dental implants
  • Get implants by strengthening your jaw
  • Sedation options are available to ease your anxiety

Regain a Fully Functional Bite With the Help of Bone Grafts in Dublin

If you are getting dental implants, sometimes procedures are needed to prepare your smile. Bone grafts in Dublin create a strong foundation for your artificial tooth roots. Living with tooth loss or wearing only dentures can often lead to bone loss in your jaw. This procedure will add bone mass so you can support the implants. Before you know it, you will:

  • Smile confidently without missing teeth or slippery dentures
  • Eat any foods you want without difficulty chewing
  • Maintain your jawbone strength for better chewing power
  • Improve your quality of life with a better functioning set of teeth
  • Enjoy the security of implants for decades, if not for the duration of your life

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Unlock Your Smile’s Potential With Bone Grafting

Dr. Doug Wong has over 30 years of experience and is a trusted expert in the field of dentistry, especially implants. He even teaches implant techniques to other dentists. If you are pursuing dental implant treatment, he may recommend you get a bone graft procedure to strengthen your jawbone. You can trust that he only performs a surgical procedure, including bone grafting, when necessary.

Here is what to expect:

  • Planning – Your dentist exams your mouth and takes digital X-rays. This helps him determine the extent of bone loss in your jaw.
  • Material Placement – Dr. Wong will numb your mouth with local anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing. If you feel nervous about the procedure, you can also receive sedation.  He’ll make a small opening in your gums and place bone graft material in the area of your jaw that needs added strength. He closes the opening.
  • Integration – You will need time for the bone material to fuse with existing bone, creating a stable foundation.
  • Follow-Up Care – Our team will monitor your healing and address any concerns that arise.
  • Implant Placement – Once the graft has successfully integrated into your jaw, your dentist can move forward with your dental implant placement. You can begin enjoying all the benefits of implants.

If you have a tooth removed and plan to replace it with a dental implant, Dr. Wong may recommend adding bone material to the extraction site to keep the underlying structure strong.

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Common Questions About Bone Grafts

What is a bone graft?

A bone graft is a treatment that builds up a thin or weak jawbone. A bone graft can fill space left after an extraction, or we can use it to boost the strength of a jawbone battling an infection brought on by gum disease. Your dentist will simply place material along your bone that will encourage new bone growth. While the procedure itself is quick, it will take several months for your bone to respond and heal.

Are bone grafts necessary?

One of the most common reasons for bone grafts is to strengthen a jaw so that it can successfully support dental implants. The more time that has passed since you’ve lost teeth, the more likely you may need a graft to receive implants. Without tooth roots to provide stimulation, the bone in your jaw begins to shrink – as much as 25 percent in the first year after tooth loss.

Can bone grafts save teeth?

A bone graft can save teeth you are at risk of losing from periodontal (gum) disease. In advanced cases of gum disease, inflammation can attack the bone surrounding your teeth. A grafting procedure will encourage the bone to regenerate, so you won’t lose teeth. Treating gum disease in its early stages will avoid the need for a graft.